2D and 3D Graphic Design

Both two-dimensional and three-dimensional designs are very different from each other. The process of creation and the result that we get to see from each of the designs are totally different. There is one easy way to explain the difference between two-dimensional and three-dimensional design. While the 2D designs have only width and height, a 3D design has three dimensions – width, height and depth.

To be able to produce high quality video/animation content using integrated skills and set of techniques, Ansis Technologies work with industries’ best experts. We are a budding team of animators to use and optimize highly regarded techniques like video and motion picture presentation along with the most unique ones like computer graphics, software distinction etc.

Our customized solutions will fetch you top industrial appreciation in terms of innovation, technology, idea and tact. We produce commercials, ads, presentation, documentaries, and an array of services. Our skilled animation team works closely with you to fabricate results of utter distinctiveness and individuality.

We do model projects from sketches, CAD or other 3D modelling packages. Efficient to work on Architectural 3D Modelling, Unwrapping, Texturing, Lighting, Camera Animation, Rendering on visuals and Walkthrough and Fly through animations.