Ansis Manuscript services

Manuscript editing refers to revising the manuscript content to improve clarity, readability, and overall flow. We Ansis focus is also on correcting grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Substantive, or content, editing of a manuscript is the most intensive form of editing. In this stage of editing, the manuscript editor examines the structure, organization, style, and presentation of the manuscript.

How Does Ansis Journal Manuscript Editing Work?

  • Receive a Price Quotation
    Select the document type, enter your manuscript’s word count, and choose your turnaround time to get an exact quote.
  • Upload Your Manuscript
    Tell us about your academic field and your target journal or audience, and we will match your manuscript to the editor with the expertise you need.
  • Receive Your Revised Document
    Download your edited manuscript—completion within the requested delivery time guaranteed.

Features of Ansis Manuscript Editing Services

Human Proofreading

Manuscript proofreading includes correction for:

  • Errors in grammar, word order, and sentence structure
  • Incorrect or inconsistent use of terminology
  • Issues in spelling and punctuation
  • Issues in use of abbreviations, symbols, and numerals

Language and Style Revisions

  • Improve vocabulary and correct unnatural expressions
  • Rephrase to ensure consistency and improve flow
  • Provide feedback and comments to explain revisions
  • Reduce wordiness and suggest additional changes